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In order to achieve the 2030 and 2050 climate targets, the transition to a green, CO2 neutral economy is necessary. Biobased circular innovations are essential in this regard. The Circular Biobased Delta Foundation accelerates the transition towards a circular biobased economy by initiating projects and chain collaborations in the field of Green Chemistry and Chemical Recycling.

We are a triple helix network organization and together with our partners we facilitate collaborations between the business community, provinces, water boards, municipalities and knowledge and educational institutions in the region of Southwest Netherland. We are the network and the service provider that makes knowledge and innovation accessible.


To prevent the depletion of natural resources and counteract the negative effects of climate change, a transition to a sustainable, CO2 neutral economy in which fossil raw materials play a lesser role is necessary. So partly a circular biobased economy. Moreover, we want to strengthen the competitive position of our region by seizing the opportunities offered by the new economy. We can achieve this if companies, governments and knowledge institutions work closely together.


We have the ambition to save ten Mtonnes of CO2 by 2030 and to be 50% circular. That requires an enormous effort; greening and making the chemical industry more sustainable is essential in this regard. To tackle this enormous task, two focus themes have been defined: Green Chemistry and Chemical Recycling.

Role in the project:

Engagement of stakeholders in the region and set-up of the supporting governance structure with relevant regional authorities. Support pilots in the region to develop regional bio-based economy strategy blueprints by integrating findings from analysis. Exchange experiences and best practices with all local stakeholders. Transform the findings and outputs of the project to a case-study approach, that can be replicated in other similar regions throughout Europe. Execute the integration of the opportunities created by the local bio-based economy within broader bio-based economy transition. Furthermore, disseminate the project results (best practice) to a large community of users, ranging from key stakeholders to public. An exploitation strategy and replication plan will be defined.

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