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Bioeconomy Cluster (BEC) is one of the important actors in bioeconomy sector in Slovakia. The cluster creates an innovation ecosystem for the knowledge and technology transfer between research and agri-food industry (SMEs) including relevant policies through mutual cooperation. BEC was established in 2015 as a result of bottom-up networking pressure of agri-food and other bio-based stakeholders in Slovakia. It is actively engaged in European and national policies in agricultural innovation, in support and networking of SMEs, as well as in connecting the entities of knowledge triangle. The members of BEC are SMEs operating mainly in the agri-food sector, with horizontal focus on bioeconomy and bio-based solutions. Strategic members are represented by agricultural university, agri-food research centre and education. BEC cooperates with over 100 partners. BEC¢s portfolio of services and activities includes advisory services, identification of innovation needs and the search for financing opportunities for innovative projects, partner search, promotion, etc.

Role in the project:

The role of BEC in the BIOMODEL4REGIONS project is to perform a regional analysis, as the Nitra region is one of the six pilot regions in Europe. BEC will focus on the field of agri-food and biological waste processing. At the beginning, BEC will analyse regional/local conditions, opportunities, assets and obstacles in the production of value-added products from bio-waste and then bring together various stakeholders (Association of municipalities for waste management in the Nitra region, producers, knowledge providers and companies) to develop a plan for regional/local bio-economy strategy. By involving members of the entire value chain and introducing new technologies, it will be possible to develop a new business model that will take into account the economic efficiency and environmental and social sustainability of the facility.

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