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Processum are experts in biorefinery development. In our unique research environment, we can test new ideas and products all the way from laboratory to demo scale. Therefor we are a link between research and commercialization. Processum is also the hub of an innovation platform that spans both borders and industries, nationally and internationally. Through our large network, we can bring entrepreneurs with an established business, social actors and academia together. As a subsidiary of RISE, Processum is part of several research areas, test beds and demonstration environments.

Processum is working on the transition to fossil-free alternatives. Processum hosts a world unique infrastructure for applied research and upscaling of technology within the biorefinery field as well as a long tradition and knowledge within forestry.

Role in the project:

RISE Processum is the creative hub of a world-leading cluster for the development and commercialization of biorefinery processes, green products, chemicals and materials.
RISE Processum will look at different business models and put them in a policy context and describe what works and what does not.
We will describe possible biorefinery processes based on selected value chain for example forest residues or biofuels.

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