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BioFuel Region is a member owned non-profit organization working for a well-developed bioeconomy and a low carbon vehicle fleet, by initiating, coordinating, and collaborating on project. The aim is to develop the region; Sweden’s four northernmost counties

BioFuel Regions bioeconomy work focuses primarily on forestry related topics and questions associated with biogas.

BioFuel  Region also have a long tradition of communicating knowledge and being responsible for disseminating projects and their results for numerous EU funded projects.

Role in the project:

BioFuel Region will be leading WP6 – Dissemination & communication, Exploration and Replication. There BioFuel Region will head the Tasks; “Dissemination and Communication Plan”, “Dissemination and Communication Activities”, and “Dissemination among cluster members”.

BioFuel Region will also manage one of the 6 pilot regions in WP2 where they will do an overview of forest industry and forestry by-products analysing in depth two specific value changes.

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