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Innovation Engineering S.r.l. (INNEN) is a private company part of the PNO GROUP located in Rome, Naples, Milan (Italy) focused on the design and development of advanced IT solution to search, access and manage relevant knowledge within enterprises, on the web, and in structured databases, with specific focus on the technology innovation domain.
The company (ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified) focuses on robust methodologies and IT solutions based on Java language and Open Source, to drive innovation through the search, manage and analyses of information that should be translated into valuable knowledge.
Innovation Engineering is involved in several Research and Development projects financed internally or co-financed by European Commission funds or Regional Funds. Innovation Engineering focuses its research and development activities on Information Retrieval and Extraction, Natural Language Processing (NLP), big data, and User Experiences, the latter with a specific focus on mobile applications.
Innovation Engineering’s clients include private companies as well as large governmental bodies where a full set of knowledge management tools needs to be developed.

Role in the project:

INNEN is involved in the “WP 2 Engagement of stakeholders at regional level and set-up of the supporting governance structure” and the “WP 6 Dissemination & Communication, Exploitation and Replication”. The main output of the task are the release of the Project Website (M1), the launch of the On-line Management tool (M3), the realization and updates of the Dissemination Kit and the IT Support to PNO for the stakeholder analysis activities.

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