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NaturePlast and its subsidiary company BiopolyNov specialise in providing support to industrialists who wish to develop products using bioplastic materials. This support comes through 4 areas of expertise:

  • Distribution of raw materials and compounds
  • Services: training, technico-economical study, project engineering
  • R&D: development of customised formulations to modify/optimise bioplastic materials.
  • By-products: support of manufacturers in the development of new ways of adding value to their by-products in the field of plastics processing.
Role in the project:

NaturePlast is an example of a case study on aquatic biomass in Normandy and will share its experience. NaturePlast has been producing and marketing since 2015 a unique range of biocomposites loaded with by-products. The innovative biocomposites resulting from this work have an environmental advantage due to the recovery of waste or by-products in new materials. In addition to reducing the volume of waste to be treated in the end, they also contribute to reducing the volume of plastic to be used for the manufacture of the same product.

NaturePlast is notably involved in several projects related to local biomass recovery:

  • Seashells (oysters, scallops, etc.)
  • Algae (wastes and residues)
  • Polysaccharides from algae (alginates) with the Normand project ALGRIPLAST

NaturePlast is mostly involved in WP5 where it will be participating in workshop and the elaboration of guidelines.

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