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AQUIMER is a French cluster focusing on the valorization of aquatic products. The overall objective of AQUIMER is to assist the agro-food industry in responding to the increasing demand for high quality seafood in the condition of the depleting resources. The competitiveness of the seafood industry relays on adding value throughout the chain especially through the transformation and safety of the final product. Thus, the mission of AQUIMER is to help companies face their challenges through innovative solutions and help them access and adopt the missing knowledge and skills.

Role in the project:

In the BIOMODEL4REGIONDS project, AQUIMER, brings the only French case study on aquatic products. This case study focuses on the valorization of shellfish waste in Normandy and will be conducted in partnership with NaturePlast (AQUIMER member).
Throughout the project duration, Aquimer will organize a workshop to collect needs from stakeholders involved in the Normandy region, one of the 6 pilot regions of the project. Moreover, several events around the case study will be organize.

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