Swedish Bioeconomy Strategy: Insights and Impact on EU Directives

February 15, 2024

At the end of January 2024, BioFuel Region organized a conference for Swedish regional strategists titled “Bioeconomy – Union, Nation and Region.” The purpose was to clarify and discuss the Swedish bioeconomy strategy Inquiry. Also, to discuss how the EU’s directives will impact the continued work. 

 Since 2023, the Swedish Government has been working with the Bioeconomy Strategy Inquiry. Coordinated by BioFuel Region, a network of regional strategists has contributed insights to the Inquiry, responding to questions from the Government Office through interviews and digital surveys. BioFuel Region was responsible for gathering and synthesizing these inputs, in addition to organizing network meetings. 

The assignment was reported to the Swedish Government on the 1st of December 2023. These results of the regional input will be used in the ongoing work within BioModel4Regions.  

In the picture from the left: Carina Christiansen, Project Manager Bioeconomy, North Sweden European Office, Eva Fridman,  Bioeconomy expert, BioFuel Region, Lena Bruce, Principal Secretary, Government Offices, Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure, Andreas Eriksson, Swedish Forest Agency.