Outreach and networking in Prague

February 10, 2023

BIOMODEL4REGIONS was represented by our partner Bioeconomy Cluster from Slovakia at the Living Conuntry 2023 conference. The conference was held in Prague (Czech Republic) on January 31st 2023.

The conference was the most important event on regenerative farming in the Czech Republic. The speakers were researchers and experts on soil, farmers from practice as well as policy makers who led interesting presentations and panel discussions on how profitable and environmentally beneficial regenerative agriculture is.

BIOMODEL4REGIONS was presented with the poster and the Bioeconomy Cluster took the conference as an opportunity to spread information about the project, as well as a space for networking with people from the Slovak pilot region, since the conference was attended by some stakeholders who had already joined the project, as well as the target group of consumers.

Here is more information about the conference: https://www.konference-zivakrajina.cz/ (In Czech)