Co-creation Workshop on regional bioeconomy

March 3, 2023

In the framework of the project, the BIOMODER4REGIONS partners SPRING, APRE, ICLEI and Wageningen University realised, in Florence 21 February 2023, an onsite co-creation workshop to discuss with the regional stakeholders issues related to local biobased products, services and initiatives and bioeconomy governance models in Tuscany.

The workshop was organised within a series of co-creation events that were already successfully carried out in February in an online form with the other project’s Pilot Regions in Greece, the Netherlands, Slovakia, France and Sweden.

During the first part of the session, moderated by APRE and supported by the Wageningen University, the local stakeholders had the chance to share their feedback and experience related to the state-of-the-art of the regional bioeconomy, drivers and barriers for the development of local bio-based products and services, positive and negative consequences of realistaion of such products and services, and bioeconomy-related initiatives currently present in Tuscany.  The input received from the stakeholders will feed the development of the conceptual business model framework that will be subsequently used by the Pilot Regions to establish their regional bio-based economy strategies blueprints.

The second session led by ICLEI focused on the stakeholders’ evaluation of a local bioeconomy governance model developed by ICLEI that will be further updated and completed thanks to the feedback received from the stakeholders and, in the longer perspective,  will allow to analyse the actual governance system, practices and related policies in the Tuscany region.