BioFuel Region arranged national stakeholder meeting

March 16, 2023

The Swedish Bioeconomy Parliament is an annual national conference that gathers relevant and important stakeholders within the field of bioeconomy. This year the conference was held in Umeå and a number of important stakeholders attended. And as an arranger of the event BioFuel Region was able to arrange a meeting with national bioeconomy strategist and national government representatives for a dialogue regarding what topics are relevant.

In connection with the Swedish Bioeconomy Parliament BioFuel Region was able to gather several of the regional bioeconomy strategist in Sweden as well as two representatives for a national investigation about the bioeconomy strategy commissioned by the government and will result in a report.

To be able to gather a number of high-level key stakeholder is an incredible opportunity and resource, says Magnus Matisons, project leader BioFuel Region. This gives a golden opportunity to learn more about the government perspective on these questions as well as feed relevant feedback to both the regions and the government investigators.

This type of possibility for networking both transregional and on national level is central for the progression of government development in line with what BIOMODEL4REGIONS amies to achieve. And by taking the initiative and facilitate this BioFuel Region has established an important network for the future work in the project.