Author: Donatella Apuzzo

BIOECONOMY. A new project aiming to achieve a better-informed decision-making process on local and regional level is being launched as the consortium with partners from most of Europe meet up for a one-day kick-off in Brussels. The project aims to support the establishment of innovative governance models at local/regional level and thereby strengthening EU and international science-policy interfaces to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

By building on knowledge and experiences from years of research and studies within the field of bioeconomy the project BIOMODEL4REGIONS strives to put proven best practises and successful initiatives to action. This will be done thanks to a methodology based on the set-up of a governance structure demonstrated in 6 pilot regions, taking into account different areas throughout Europe (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central-Western EU), their conditions and assets and different primary sectors (forestry, agri-food, aquatic biomass and organic fraction of municipal solid waste- OFMSW).

This is an effort to capitalise on several years of studies and research and strengthen the field of bioeconomy in EU, Patrizia Circelli, project leader.

As circular economy becomes more and more important to reach overarching sustainability goals and help delivering on more specified objectives as the European Green Deal and the EU bio-based economy strategy knowledge about what actions to take and how to execute them are of central importance.

BIOMODEL4REGIONS will help with the support and knowledge that is fundamental for deliver results in these areas. Biomodels4Regions will support the development of new bio-based economy strategies and blueprints, a work that will bring a better-informed decision-making process, societal engagement, and innovation. Patrizia Circelli, project leader.

The 6 pilot regions, taken into account different model regions, condition and assets as well as different primary sectors, will be demonstrated under a fully transferable case-study approach. This guarantees that the results can be replicated throughout Europe and give the results a life and impact beyond the lifespan of the project.

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